If you are really feeling guilty for hurting your family member or close friend and want to apologize for your wrong behavior, write sorry letters. Writing effective apology letter is very important. How to write apology letter? What are the contents of sorry letters? There are some important tricks those will help you in writing a sorry or apology letter.

The first thing is that do not make delay in saying sorry. Write an apology letter as soon as the offense or mistake happens. Writing Sorry letters after a long time gap have no meanings and will not give positive effects. So be in time to accept your guilt. Write the letter instead of calling on phone. If you write an apology or Sorry letters you can express your feelings deeply and the reader can understand that you are saying sorry from bottom of your heart. This letter will definitely touch to the receiver’s heart and he will excuse you.

Begin letter by accepting your mistake. This is very important. Accept your guilt at the beginning of the letter and write the reason why you behaved such. Make the receiver know that you understand what recipient feel. Empathize with the recipient. If you are writing love Sorry letters write the most beautiful moment those both of you spend together. Make the recipient feel that you love him or her. If you are writing an apology letter to your parent, guardian, elders, or teacher, give them respect while writing sorry letters.

Do not overwrite your feelings. Try keep the letter short and to the point. Write your true feelings. End the letter by promising that such mistake will never happen in the future. Give assurance for taking care and not to commit the mistake again. Also write what action you are taking to rectify the same. If possible start rectifying the damages caused by you. You may ask the recipient to suggest the way for rectification. Before you close the sorry letters, apologize again with respect. Try to fix personal appointment to say sorry in person. After sending an apology letter, you can call the recipient over a phone or mobile and fix the appointment to meet in person.

There are two types of sorry letters, formal and informal. If your mistake caused financial damages to the person you should write business apology letter which is a formal apology letter. If you are really guilty for hurting your parents or close friends or relatives, you should write an informal apology or personal apology letter. The format for both types of apology letter is slightly different but the intention is the same, saying sorry and apologizing for mistake.

Sorry letters are very helpful. Accept your fault in time by writing an apology letter. The letter will help in rebuilding your broken relationships. So, if you have done something that has hurt someone’s feelings, the best way to get rid of your wrong behavior, guilt or mistake and gain their forgiveness is to send Sorry letters!

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